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The processing center has an excellent production technical team, complete processing and testing equipment, which can ensure high-quality and timely delivery of large-volume orders.

Having imports from JapanMAZAKMITSUISEKIOKAMOTOQinghongThere are nearly 20 well-known brand models, covering various models such as gantry, five axis, lathe milling composite, horizontal machining center, wire cutting, etc., and equipped with comprehensive and professional testing equipment.

The accuracy of automation equipment depends on the machining accuracy of components. The main equipment of the machining center is MAZAKthe fourth largest machine tool brand in the worldand the world's largest shipment of five axis machines.he machining accuracy can reach2um, which can meet the machining needs of medical, semiconductor precision clamps and other fields.

Device parameters

serial number brand Product name model quantity X stroke Y itinerary Z stroke A axis B axis C axis Accuracy
1 MAZAK Vertical center processing machine vcn 430A HS 6 560mm 430mm 510mm —— —— —— 2um
2 MAZAK Vertical center processing machine vcn 530A HS 2 1050mm 530mm 510mm —— —— —— 2um
3 MAZAK Horizontal turning and milling machine QT-C 200MSY 1 215mm 100(±50mm) 605mm —— —— —— 2um
4 MAZAK Horizontal turning and milling combined processing INTE j-300(650U) 1 615mm 260(±130mm) 1231mm —— —— —— 2um
5 MAZAK Gantry type vertical center processing machine FJV 35/60 30ATC 3 1500mm 800mm 660mm —— —— —— 2um
6 MAZAK Vertical five-axis turning and milling machine INTE i-630V/6S 1 1425mm 1050mm 1050mm —— —— —— 2um
7 MAZAK Gantry type five-sided center processing machine FJV 60/80 4AX 1 2000mm 1400mm 660mm —— —— —— 2um
8 MITSUISEKI Vertical center processing machine HU80EX 1 1200mm 950mm 900mm —— —— —— 3um
9 MITSUISEKI Vertical five-axis machine VERTEX 75X III 1 750mm 800mm 700mm —— —— —— 3um
10 OKAMOTO Surface grinder 158DX 1 1500mm 800mm 675mm —— —— —— 1um
11 Qinghong Fine hole electrical discharge machining machine SY-2535 1 350mm 250mm Z1:340mm Z2:200mm —— —— —— 15um
12 Qinghong Wire cutting machine GX430L+YYY 1 400mm 300mm 220mm —— —— —— 4um

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