Technical strength Technical strength

Technical strength

MiniLED mass transfer technology

Independently developed Mini LED mass transfer production line, which is the only mass production line in China. It pioneered the use of needle punching crystal arrangement + laser welding, and the UPH of a single chip transfer reached 180k;

A single chip can transfer UPH up to 180k

Needle punching

Laser welding

MicroLED mass transfer technology

Successfully developed MicroLED mass transfer experimental equipment, subverting the existing mechanical crystal arrangement, using laser transfer crystal arrangement + laser welding, which can meet the mass transfer of chips as small as 30um

Laser welding

Laser transfer crystal arrangement

Can meet the huge transfer of chips as small as 30um

Comprehensive application of machine vision and motion control

Precision automated manufacturing processes are inseparable from the application of vision technology. DeNuo Precision Software Team has senior industry experience and can independently develop vision software and combine it with motion control technology to break through existing technical bottlenecks and achieve a 10 millisecond response of visual guidance + motion control. speed

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