1. The MiniLED industry is currently in a period of vigorous development. In addition to traditional LED display manufacturers, panel manufacturers have also begun to lay out MiniLED production lines. Dejuan company independent research and development of MiniLED mass transfer technology in the world's leading level, the exclusive supply of Zhongqi Optoelectronics, has been mass produced more than ten automatic production lines, the future will continue to do technology accumulation and optimization.

2.MicroLED is still in its infancy. Dejuan Company has completed the development of MicroLED equipment in advance, and the chip size is less than 30um. The next stage will realize the mass production of MicroLED mass transfer technology;

3. At present, all the chip sorters in the industry are Pick-Place mode, limited by the size of the nozzle and hardware efficiency, the current sorter has reached the bottleneck in chip size and efficiency, Deenor Precision took the lead in developing the needle type chip sorter, the chip size can be less than 60um, and the efficiency is greatly improved.



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