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High speed laminator

High speed laminator

This device is used for Li-ion battery cell positive and negative electrode Z-shaped laminated.

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Equipment Highlights

1, pole sheet feeding, diaphragm unwinding, CCD positioning, tension correction, CCD detection, automatic lamination, automatic winding, automatic gluing, automatic cutting and so on.

2, equipment change preset model, can be switched with one key.

3, the first diaphragm fixed after cutting, to ensure accuracy.

4, diaphragm tension/correction data real-time display.

5, CCD can realize positioning, missing Angle detection and size detection.

6, NG pole plate elimination speed is fast, only 4 seconds.

7, the claw pressure closed loop, the sensor feedback pressure, the system automatically corrects the pressure.

8, closed-loop diaphragm system, diaphragm tension is constant, tension fluctuation is stable within 5% when stacking, peak within 15%.

Device parameters

External dimensions: L * W * H=4500x3500x2500mm

Qualification rate: ≥ 99%

Crop yield rate: ≥ 95%

Stacking speed: Stacking speed ≤ 0.3 seconds per piece (single head stacking speed ≤ 0.6 seconds per piece)

Diaphragm end face alignment accuracy: ± 0.5mm (based on correction edge, excluding finishing)

Adjacent pole alignment accuracy: ± 0.3mm (center as reference)

Overall alignment accuracy of the polarizer: ± 0.5mm (with the center as the reference)

Auxiliary time: ≤ 8 seconds

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